Tax Agency Representation

In the event of a tax audit by the Internal Revenue Service or any State taxing authority, Starkey & Company, PA is here to either represent you or consult with you in order to make this onerous event as painless as possible.

Our IRS representation resolves IRS tax issues involving payroll, business taxes, individual taxes, estate and gift taxes. We also work with the IRS collections to resolve IRS tax issues.

While working within the letter of the Internal Revenue Code, our approach is to:

  • Advise our clients of their options with regard to resolving their specific tax collection matter, even if it means referring them to another professional regarding services that we do not perform.
  • Represent and be an advocate for our clients before the IRS or State taxing authorities.
  • Assist our clients in negotiating the lowest possible settlement allowed by law in the most expeditious fashion possible.

To enhance our ability to respond timely to inquires from taxing agencies, we ask our clients to sign power-of-attorney representation forms that allow us to receive notices and communicate more efficiently and effectively with the taxing agencies. 

Please contact us if we can be of help to you to assist you with any of our services.